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Multitasking in the Brain

Most (not all, but most) of us have just memories of the days when we used a Pentium III with 128MB RAM. In the good (or should I say bad?) old days, we were happy to be running just one application at a time. 2 applications at the same time were a rarity. Begone are those days, it’s the days of multitasking. We have at least 5 tabs open on each of the 2 windows of (enter¬†favorite browser here), 1 or 2 IM clients running in the background, a word processor, and occasionally Photoshop or Vegas Pro – all together. So, while we marvel at this marvel of marvelous improvement in marvelous technology (pun took just a minute to be thought up), let’s take a look at the brain and it’s marvels which we take for granted.
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