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A Mac theme, gadgets, RocketDock, Pinned Icons - and Check the result

The Most Beautiful Desktop - EVER (for my PC)!!


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  1. Hey, very nice pic, i couldnt ignore FIFA 11…lol…
    i also made my website few days back…
    i would be updating things like:
    1. InfoGraphics
    2. “Did You Know” about some famous artists
    3. Some gaming videos
    4. Softwares, Internet tweaks

    Just visit my website –
    If you like it please register…


    • I checked out your site. It’s nice and you seem quite a gamer to me. LOL. BTW in this pic, there are also PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) 2010 and 2011, FIFA’s direct rivals. Where did you get the link to my blog from? MakeUseOf? Google search? Please let me know. Nice meeting you. Don’t worry, I’ll subscribe to your blog and you please do the same. Adieu.

    • Thanks for subscribing. Did you read the posts and try the experiments? If not, please do, they are a bit off-topic, but my friends told me they were very original and quite good. Please tell your friends about my blog, and I will do the same for you (unconditionally). Your site’s presentation is quite good. Adieu.

      • Ya i read all your posts… they were nice… the thing with palm on eyes was a phenomenon i knew but never thought of taking that to this level… its stunning for a 15 year to old to think like that…very nice…
        i have mailed a few of my friends who i think would be interested in these kinda things.
        You also do the same, i would be uploading a infographic tonight or tomorrow.

    • No problem. I’m mailing some of my friends who are gamers. BTW do you like FIFA 11? We can share our experiences from it. Should I email you? I already have your email id. Thanks. Adieu (sorry, but that’s my unique style to end).


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