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Well, I have always LOVED Chrome, just not used it. I have been using it since November 2008, 1 month after it first became public. I have been always a lover of free and great Google services.. Just to put it clear, my computer (a desktop) has the following specs: Intel Pentium Dual Core E5400 2.50GHz*2; 2 GB (1GB*2) DDR2 RAM; NVidia GeForce 8400GS 512MB – all the specs which may considerably affect net surfing performance. Maybe I need to do a fresh install Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (installed for about 9 or 10 months), or a re-install of Google Chrome. When I tested the Mozilla FireFox 4.0 Beta 8, I was so put off by its sluggishness and huge memory usage, that I didn’t even updating to the later Beta builds or even the RCs or stable build. I eventually updated to RC1 and then to RC2, and now I’m writing this in the stable build. I’ve never considered anything other than Chrome. But FF4’s main weakness (at least for me) turned me into using it. Yes, it’s a lot more faster than Chrome. Whatever the tests say, when you use it, you will feel the difference (mainly in scrolling and tab switching). But being a Google user, I don’t want to make FF4 my default browser. Just hoping that Chrome stable and Canary build updates will have some major updates rolled out. Adieu.

P.S. – Heart aches to admit it, but giving it a serious consideration to make FF4 my default browser.

P.P.S. – This is it. Can’t cope with Chrome sluggishness when 10+ tabs are open. Making FF4 my default browser. Hate relegating Chrome. But have to do it.

P.P.P.S. – Hold on. I’ve got 20+ extensions in Chrome and sync on. Will disable some and install some more on FF4. Then check out their responsiveness. Hope FF4 Chrome wins.

Update – Though it hurts to say so, but FF4 is really an improvement over Chrome in memory usage and swiftness. Switched to FF4 from Chrome. Sigh!! You do the same.

Update 2 – You may consider staying with your Chrome build. It isn’t too bad (maybe a bit better actually) when considered with FF4. Switched back to Chrome and I’m loving it. Waiting for Chrome Canary 13.

The stats I will feature in an upcoming post. There will be a face-off between IE9, Chrome stable, Chrome Canary, FF4, Safari and Opera stable. Stay tuned!



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