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Finally switched to FireFox 4 and info on upcoming posts (sigh! Rather the lack of it) – Update – I’m “back”

Hello friends. It’s been a pretty busy month.  But till next April, there will be no posts (as far as I can think). Sorry, but it’s school time.

Update – If you did follow this blog closely, sorry, the PDF guides were being written, thanks to MakeUseOf (from which I was taking lot of cues, I’m a regular reader). But school time is pretty much school-time for a student like me. Wait for an year, and you’ll overloaded with posts. Bookmark this site, put a reminder or anything, but you’ll get some serious content after 1 year. Time for hibernation. Adieu, all you loving readers.

Update – I’m back, and will bring with me loads of content. Though the interval between the entries might be long from now, at least I’ll publish posts. And those PDF guides (aka MUO).


Browsers Battle – Who wins?

Note – The delays caused are greatly regretted. It was mainly due to power cuts that I couldn’t finish off the article 3 days earlier. There have been constant power cuts from the 27th March. 3 cuts each day, each lasting 1 and a half hour. Hope that you will understand.

Nowadays, most of us depend on Internet for everything. We store all our sensitive information on the cloud, use social networking and email to remain in touch with our near-and-dear ones(though, in hindsight, we really need these tools for those who are not so near – no offense). Your office files, on which your life depends, are on their to your boss through Gmail. We all use our favorite browsers to browser through this very essential part of our lives. You are probably using the browser you use all day to read this post. So, why not make your life better by choosing a better browser? Read on to find out which emerged out as the best browser.

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New Parallel Blog started; info on “Browsers Battle”

All those readers following would like to know that I’ve started a new blog. The content provided will be same as this site. So, don’t worry, you don’t have to follow 2 sites. The new one will have greater plug-in support and a different theme (and layout). That’ll be the main difference. The main content (published as posts) will remain the same.

As regarding the “Browsers Battle”, the article will be published tomorrow today (29th March, around 5 to 8 p.m. Indian Standard Time (IST is GMT+5:30). So London readers will have the article around midday local time. The time is being taken for collecting stats, input the stats in Excel (already done). The thing left is to convert them into PDF files to make convenient for you (yes, you’ll definitely have the PDF version, albeit not the most professional). Stay tuned, tomorrow’s today’s the day.

Note – This article was to be published yesterday. There were some problems, but they have been fixed now. So, stay tuned!

Update – There’s some underlying changes going on in the parallel blog. So it’s not available at the moment. But it should be fixed within 1 hour.

Update 2 – Sorry, there’s name server changes going on. So, it’s a period of downtime at the other blog. You can still get at it, albeit using the hard-to-memorize and long address. In the meantime, I’ll be uploading the PDF file(it’s a bit too amateurish, please bear with me). I’ll also have the link to the Excel file in Google Docs. The article coming up in less than an hour a day, sorry!! Adieu.

Multitasking in the Brain

Most (not all, but most) of us have just memories of the days when we used a Pentium III with 128MB RAM. In the good (or should I say bad?) old days, we were happy to be running just one application at a time. 2 applications at the same time were a rarity. Begone are those days, it’s the days of multitasking. We have at least 5 tabs open on each of the 2 windows of (enter favorite browser here), 1 or 2 IM clients running in the background, a word processor, and occasionally Photoshop or Vegas Pro – all together. So, while we marvel at this marvel of marvelous improvement in marvelous technology (pun took just a minute to be thought up), let’s take a look at the brain and it’s marvels which we take for granted.
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An interesting article about our Eyes and 3-D Cameras

A Cool Experiment

Put your palm (one hand please) on any one eye. I’ll presume you have put your right palm over your right eye throughout this article.

What you see is most amazing. What? What’s special in this? Well, you see : you can see some of the things behind your hand through our palm (the palm appears to be translucent) and some of the other things (on the extreme right) are blocked out by your hand. So, you have partial X-ray powers, don’t you?
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An experiment worth trying out

I’ve written about an experiment and related it to an tech concept on this page. The article is now a post. Please read it and give your views on the subject. To give you an idea, it’s eventually about 3-D cameras. To give you a better idea, it’s actually about how our eyes view things, and it’s link to 3-D cameras.

Welcome to a new way of thinking!!

You may have thought of something. Pondered long and hard over it. Got the solution and felt super-satisfied. But have you ever connected this with a related, but completely different field. This website tries to do this. I will discuss scientific things an relate them to technology, and vice versa. In addition to that, I will discuss separately about tech and scientific things. So, welcome and enjoy. Don’t forget to learn something new.

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