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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Finally switched to FireFox 4 and info on upcoming posts (sigh! Rather the lack of it) – Update – I’m “back”

Hello friends. It’s been a pretty busy month.  But till next April, there will be no posts (as far as I can think). Sorry, but it’s school time.

Update – If you did follow this blog closely, sorry, the PDF guides were being written, thanks to MakeUseOf (from which I was taking lot of cues, I’m a regular reader). But school time is pretty much school-time for a student like me. Wait for an year, and you’ll overloaded with posts. Bookmark this site, put a reminder or anything, but you’ll get some serious content after 1 year. Time for hibernation. Adieu, all you loving readers.

Update – I’m back, and will bring with me loads of content. Though the interval between the entries might be long from now, at least I’ll publish posts. And those PDF guides (aka MUO).

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