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New Parallel Blog started; info on “Browsers Battle”

All those readers following would like to know that I’ve started a new blog. The content provided will be same as this site. So, don’t worry, you don’t have to follow 2 sites. The new one will have greater plug-in support and a different theme (and layout). That’ll be the main difference. The main content (published as posts) will remain the same.

As regarding the “Browsers Battle”, the article will be published tomorrow today (29th March, around 5 to 8 p.m. Indian Standard Time (IST is GMT+5:30). So London readers will have the article around midday local time. The time is being taken for collecting stats, input the stats in Excel (already done). The thing left is to convert them into PDF files to make convenient for you (yes, you’ll definitely have the PDF version, albeit not the most professional). Stay tuned, tomorrow’s today’s the day.

Note – This article was to be published yesterday. There were some problems, but they have been fixed now. So, stay tuned!

Update – There’s some underlying changes going on in the parallel blog. So it’s not available at the moment. But it should be fixed within 1 hour.

Update 2 – Sorry, there’s name server changes going on. So, it’s a period of downtime at the other blog. You can still get at it, albeit using the hard-to-memorize and long address. In the meantime, I’ll be uploading the PDF file(it’s a bit too amateurish, please bear with me). I’ll also have the link to the Excel file in Google Docs. The article coming up in less than an hour a day, sorry!! Adieu.


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  1. Hey, i was about to blog on somewhat like “Browser Battle”…Damn, i have to do it fast now !!!
    Anyways Nice !!!

    • You may do so, Sahil. But I assure you, my article will be a lot more stat-oriented and in-depth. I took 4 hours to collect the stats, and another 4 to input in Excel and am making a PDF now. So, better be fast. Adieu.


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